AINEX Technology                                                                           

Technology behind the most advanced game controller

‘AIDUS’, the predecessor of ‘AINEX’, has been developing the world’s first VR wireless game controller based on
9-axis motion sensor fusion technology since 2017.

It was demonstrated in conjunction with the self-developed game content ‘Planet Finder’, and a vibrating body
with strong recoil was developed as an innovative game controller controlled by IOT.
It was exhibited at Gamescom Germany in 2017 and received favorable reviews.

2017 German Gamescom Exhibition

2018 Demonstration Video

3D mouse technology is the world’s first product that operates identically to existing 2D mouse, opening the door to a new era as a convenient and versatile game controller that can be used anywhere.

And with the additional development of absolute coordinate mouse mode technology, its use has expanded to include light guns and game controllers for PCs.

Macro key setting technology allows you to input game shortcuts,
text such as repeated words or phrases, or login passwords.

The uniquely developed vibrating elements are a technology that gives the game controller a sense of reality and increases player satisfaction through manual control or Bluetooth vibration (when SDK is applied).

The free sharing policy of the SDK for game controller products allows anyone to apply it to games or various content and link it, and is a technology that contributes to the development of VR, PC, etc.