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The Innovative way of analyzing your shooting performance

Unlike the existing method of analyzing the results of a bullet hitting the target when shooting, this is equipment that can increase the accuracy by using 9-axis motion sensor fusion technology to analyze the shaking of the barrel and the angle and direction at which the bullet flies when fired.

Shooting Performance Analysis System

When firing, data on shaking and firing are received at point A, when the bullet leaves the barrel, and the computer’s Shooting Analyzer program analyzes the data based on the firing point. And based on the initial aiming point, the analysis results are displayed in FSP units at point A, which is the point where the bullet flew.

The Aidusgun, a sensor device, is mounted using an adapter as shown in B when mounting the Aidusgun on a 20mm rail. In the case of a handgun, the adapter is stored and installed as shown in A.

This is a system that increases accuracy and hit rate by measuring and analyzing the movement and direction of bullet flight when shooting.

Shooting Analysis System Demonstration Video

‘FSP (Firing Swing Pixel)’ was set as a new unit that can display the degree of swing of the gun barrel on the x- and y-axes and defined as follows.

If 1° has moved (default distance setting value: 70cm),
Since X = tan angle × distance (70cm)
X = tan 1° × distance (70cm)
X = 0.0175 × 700 mm
X = 12.25mm
* Since it must be converted to a pixel value on the screen, it must be divided by 0.3114583, which is the pixel value per mm.

X′ = 12.25 ÷ 0.3114583
X′ = 39.331
– Therefore, it is displayed on the screen as 39 FSP.
※ On the line graph, 100 pixels are displayed on the vertical axis, which is the upper and lower axis, based on the center line (zero point line), so movement of about 2.5° up and down can be displayed.

In 2020, we participated in ‘AUSA 2020’ and exhibited the Shooting Analysis System.
Due to COVID-19, ‘AUSA 2020’ was held as an online exhibition.