Innovative Game Controller – Nextick

Innovative Joystick Type Wireless Game Controller & Next-Generation 3d Mouse

Provide Lightgun Function With Innovative Targeting Technology

You can enjoy shooting games like arcade games with our product. It is the best retro game controller that can be used as a Lightgun.

Aiming And Shooting

When the SDK is applied to the latest games,
you can enjoy games more realistically just with simple aiming and shooting.

Blutooth Vibration Control

When Playing The Sdk Applied Game Contents,
Vibration Plates And Motors Are Controlled And Activated By Wireless Signals.

Convenient macro shortcut keys function

You Can Easily Log In, Do Repetitive Paperwork, And Use Shortcut Keys For Games.

Sharing the SDK and demo games for free

We Share The Sdk (Unreal Engine, Unity Engine) And A Sample Game(Zombie Halloween, Pc & Vr Versions) To Experience Innovation.

Next-Generation 3d Mouse That Can Control Videos During Presentation

You Can Use It In 3-Dimensional Place Wherever You Want And Use It As A Delicate Presenter By Controlling Cursors And Buttons Wirelessly.

Key Points


Product name : Nextick
Model name : NT8163, NT8163J

Control speed : 4ms

Size / Weight : 11.7 * 9.0 * 13.2cm / 240g

Voltage / Port : 5V / C-type

Charging method : C-type(1.5A) or Wireless charging(1~1.5A)

Wireless Communication : NT8163(Bluetooth 4.0), NT9463(Bluetooth 4.0, 5.0)

Operating System : windows 10, 11

Certification : FCC, CE, KC, RoHS, SRCC, TELEC


The average 3D mouse uses a trackball or has limited pointing functions, which make it impossible to use like a regular mouse. Nextick, on the other hand, works just like a regular mouse but in a 3D space.
Yes, you can! Nextick works just like a regular mouse (cursor, click, double-click, scroll, etc.) and you can use it on any surface. Even while hovering it in the air!
In order to gauge the demand of a product like Nextick, we wanted to focus on creating a joystick mouse for right-handed people first. However, if we find that demand for a left-handed Nextick is high, we can easily create that for you backers!
Yes, but we’re still in the process of developing the MacOS version so Apple users won’t be able to use Nextick at the moment.
The Bluetooth dongle is only required for desktop computers. You don’t need to use it for laptops.
Yes, there is. You can download the Nextick program on
You won’t be able to use it with large game consoles but any Xbox or Playstation game that is PC-compatible will allow you to use Nextick.
Applying an SDK to games will allow you to aim and shoot simultaneously. The bluetooth vibration function that vibrates the mouse as you shoot will also create a more immersive gaming experience.

If you apply SDK to our demo game Zombie Halloween (download on, you’ll get a better understanding of what we mean. Zombie Halloween is available on PC and VR

You can use our SDK to create elevated experiences for other content outside of games as well! We’ll leave it up to your creativity to determine where you want to use it.