The Most Intuitive VR Game Controller – AIDUSGUN

A Wireless Game Controller Providing Realistic Experience Based On New Technology


  • VR And Wireless Game Controller That Can Aim And Shoot Easily
  • Easily Attachable To An Electric Gun Or A Gas Gun Rail
  • Further Remodeling Or Switch Installation Is Unnecessary
  • Provides Real-Life Experience With Strong Recoil, Weight And Sound
  • Additional Camera Equipments Are Unnecessary
  • Compatible With Various HMDs

Wireless game controller based on new technology

Wireless game controller that can be easily attached to an electric gun or gas gun

Sharing The Sdk And Demo Games For Free

We Share The Sdk (Unreal Engine, Unity Engine) And A Sample Game(Zombie Halloween, Pc & Vr Versions) To Experience Innovation.


Product Name : AIDUSGUN
Model Name : FX0308
Control Speed : 4ms
Size / Weight :68 * 55 * 30mm / 80g
Voltage / Port : 5V / C-type

Charging Method : C-type port
Wireless Communication : Wifi Direct
Control Speed : 2.5ms
Operating System : Windows 10
Certification : FCC, CE, KC