Nextick Lightgun: Wireless Blowback Lightgun

Motion Sensor Technology / Bluetooth / Vibrations / Macro Shortcut Keys / Left-Handed Friendly

Revolutionizing Gaming with Advanced 3D Mouse Capabilities and Wireless Freedom

Nextick Lightgun is a lightgun that allows you to enjoy various shooting games as realistic as an arcade game with blowback motion and vibration.

Advanced Motion Sensing Technology

By applying our new technology using a 9DoF motion sensor, it recognizes the user’s movements and analyzes all movements in detail to calculate the aiming coordinates within 7ms, providing an immersive experience.

wireless communication up to 50m is possible by applying Bluetooth 5.0

Nextick Lightgun is a new type of controller that changes the paradigm of game controllers. Since new technology is applied using a motion sensor instead of an in-product camera, there is no need for a separate marker such as an LED bar or color bar on the display for aiming, and wireless communication up to 50m is possible by applying Bluetooth 5.0.

Realistic Sensational Movements

1. Blowback Feature

Imitating blowback, the barrel pendulates forward and provide a realistic arcade gaming experience.

2. Force Feedback

When firing, the trigger is designed to strike back onto the palm to give the experience of recoil.

3. Vibration Feedback

The vibration feature feels similar to a mobile phone notification. Situated in the grip, it alters gamers in active play, e.g warning of attack from behind. (Works only with SDK application programs, can be experienced in ‘Zombie Halloween’ provided as a sample game)

4. Semi & Fully Automatic Mode

Both semi-automatic and fully automatic modes can be used to parallel the game style. When both buttons are pressed, vibration features are activated via Bluetooth and SDK connection (Check out “Zombie Halloween” in play for example)

Easy and Swift Targeting

Lighting Fast Response: Within 7ms

To optimize your gaming experience, it is essential that your gaming monitor is equipped with technology that allows it to reflect accurate aiming in real time.

Nextick Lightgun applies new technology using the latest motion sensors, enabling it to detect accurate coordinates even in the smallest data with a response speed of 7 milliseconds.

Advanced Motion Sensor

Nextick Lightgun handles 3D spatial manipulation through new technology, using motion sensors.

Need reflexive access to reload, through grenades, take cover or attack?

Nextick Lightgun’s six macro shortcut buttons can be used in various ways as shortcuts or text during games by setting letters or special key buttons on the keyboard or entering phrases.

Shooting Game Mouse Mode

This mode prevents the aiming angle from changing on the display when playing a shooting.

You can use it like a conventional mouse in the setup program, but when you select the shooting game mouse (absolute coordinate mouse mode), the aiming point can be held even if you leave the monitor and come back, so you can easily use it as a light gun in shooting games.

High-Power Wireless Control 

Unlike other wired products, Nextic Lightgun can be used wirelessly after charging. It is playable within 50m of range with Bluetooth 5.0, so you can immerse yourself in the game as if you were in the middle of a battlefield.

Key Points

Realistic Arcade Games Brought Home


Product name : Nextick Lightgun
Model name : NL-6343
Control speed : 7ms
Size / Weight : 9.6″x7.9″1.5″(244mm x 200mm x 40mm
Voltage / Port : DC 5V / C-type
Charging method : C-type port(2.5A) or Wireless(1~2.5)A
Power : DC5V/2.5A(1.0A~2.5A)
Wireless communication : Bluetooth 5.0
Operating System : Windows 10, 11, Linux under development
Certification : FCC, CE, KC, RoHS, SRCC, TELEC